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Second Spring Cup Table Tennis Competition
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January 26, 2014, and the letter Riverstone held the second session of the "Spring Cup" table tennis competition, 16 people, including company employees, including the leaders and took part in the men's group, women's race of fierce battle, finally decided at the front three.
The company from top to bottom of the table tennis competition in this full of expectations, company leaders also enroll in the competition, the department colleagues enthusiasm, constant practice to prepare for the use of rest time. January 26 morning, players and department colleagues came early activities. 9:30, the men's race first began, 16 players after the draw divided into eight showdown group, launched three rounds of fierce fighting.
Competition between many players were evenly matched, competitive and exciting battle process: Penhold, horizontal position, spiking, spinning ball, curve ball presented one by one, shouts, cheers, cheering, joyful sound of laughter resonance, described Haoxiliantai "strike" continues, the dark horse is also frequently staged counter-attack, more than before to be very optimistic about the seed has been eliminated, failed to qualify.
After the knockout round, quarter-finals and semi-finals, men's top two, into the final championship round robin. Women's round-robin group after a fierce, also produced a winner, to enter the finals, with the top two men's championship race. Eventually, the marketing department, general manager's office, a manufacturing center three colleagues to earn the top three. Company leaders and staff for the winning contestants were awarded prizes in a competition congratulations and laughter ended.
The event for the company's table tennis enthusiasts to provide a demonstrated skill, learn skills, communication and interaction platform, we enthusiastic participation, work hard, do not give up during the race, stick to the last minute of spirit touched by the presence of everyone. Contestants and participation colleagues exhibited spirit and full of enthusiasm for the company to add a beautiful landscape.
 This style and spirit of the game ended and will not dissipate, it will solidify into a company's culture, employees work and live lasting energize, inspire us continue to move forward, to create a better performance, create better Life and work hard!